[Equest-users] No 3-D geometry view

Steven Savich ssavich at systemswestengineers.com
Fri Oct 12 17:05:44 PDT 2012

Here's a stumper -


Working with a new-ish computer.  Windows 7 OS, HP desktop with an Intel
8300 Quad core processer.  Using equest version 3.64.  Problem: no 3-D
geometry view in equest.  It's not a matter of had the view & lost it, it
does not show up at all on this computer.  This is true for multiple
different equest files.  The same files have viewable 3-D geometry when the
files are opened on other machines in the office, again running version


This is also true for versions 3.61e and 3.63b.


FWIW, the graphics card on this machine is on the motherboard.  I suspect it
may be a deficiency of the graphics card, but the thing runs CAD programs
and BIM models just fine.  Anyone have any insight into how the 3-D graphics
display works for equest and what might be causing this?




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