[Equest-users] late introduction of water loops seems to be difficult

Madjid Madjidi madjidi at web.de
Thu Oct 18 08:13:01 PDT 2012

Dear equest-users,

For a large LEED-project I have to remodel my HVAC sytems: 

In reality groundwater source heat pumps supply heating and

cooling with additional cooling during peak periods provided by an

additional chiller. However, my proposed simulation model does not

include (yet) water side loops. Instead, I have introduced air-cooled

condensers. I thought it would be O.K. But the LEED reviewers

seem to be very unhappy with my idea. Now, I have to introduce

the whole (very complicated) water-side HVAC components to my

model. Is this possible with equest ? Do I have to delete all my air-side

HVAC systems (17 VAV systems) ? What could be the most elegant way

to introduce the water loops ? I am trying a lot. But the software seems

to crash when I introduce water side HVAC systems. Thanks a lot in advance


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