[Equest-users] LEED model - constant volume terminal units

Ramana Koti ramana.koti at gmail.com
Mon Oct 29 10:46:21 PDT 2012

Dear All,

For a university classroom/studio building I'm modeling for LEED EAp2/c1
under the 2009 version:

The proposed design has two AHUs connected to 23 VAV terminal units and 14
Constant Volume terminal units, all with HW loop reheat from an electric
boiler. The baseline system is System number 8 per Appendix G, VAV with PFP
boxes, with eletric resistance reheat. The waterside of cooling is
purchased chilled water in both cases.

Question 1: In the proposed design, I'm approximating the constant volume
terminal units via a minimum flow ratio setting of 1.0. Is this the best
way to do it?

Question 2: What is the equivalent of this in the Baseline design per
Appendix G? If I repeat the same method used in the proposed design, should
I let the terminal Primary CFMs default to auto-sizing? The Baseline
auto-sized CFMs are lower than what is being specified in the mechanical
design for the proposed model, working to my disadvantage.

Thank you,
Ramana Koti.
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