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1. Should Tenant Spaces in LEED Core & Shell projects be modeled with Appendix G systems for the Baseline, and for the Proposed as well if there is no HVAC design?
-OR- Should Tenant Spaces be modeled as "unconditioned" in both the Baseline and Proposed? (-OR- some other option?)

2. What is the intent/purpose of the requirement to model separate electric meters for lighting, plug loads and process loads in the Tenant Spaces? Should the cost from these meters be removed from the building energy cost for EAc1 savings?

3. IF HVAC systems are modeled in the Tenant Spaces, should this energy be assigned to separate meters as well?

LEED Core & Shell Appendix 2<http://www.usgbc.org/resources/appendix-2-core-and-shell-energy-modeling-guidelines> describes how the HVAC systems should be modeled for the Core and Shell Building, but not for the Tenant Spaces. Appendix 2 also describes the requirement for modeling separate meters.

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