[Equest-users] PDF to CAD converter suggestion

Brian Fountain bfountain at greensim.com
Fri Aug 2 07:44:20 PDT 2013

With summer vacations in full swing, I went looking for the CAD drawings for
my latest project just after my client's point of contact went away.  So, I
was looking for PDF to CAD converters as I did have a .PDF set of the


I ended up trying 3 "trial" converters and had success with 1:


I started with the trial version of PDF2DXF2012.  On my machine, the
installation did not seem to work and the trial seems to only give you a
viewer rather than the actual .dxf file so I was not able to fully test this
converter and didn't have time to keep playing.


Next was VectPDF - this tool seems to be a plug in with AutoCAD allowing you
to make the conversion from within AutoCAD.  Sounds neat but I am not an
AutoCAD user so that did not help my situation.


The third converter I was successful with was Able2Extract 8.  The trial is
limited to 7 days and only 3 sheets per conversion but it installed and
outputs either a .dxf or .dwg (with other options as well - Excel, Word &
Powerpoint).  I selected the .dxf and was able to open the resulting file
into eQUEST  to trace my model custom footprint and zoning.  There are
probably other good tools out there but I was pleased to find one that
worked with limited fuss and let me get on with my model.  The link for
Able2Extract is investintech.com <http://www.investintech.com/>  (Note - I
am not affiliated with the company, just found the tool useful for what we
do!)  The cost of the software is $100 or $35 for a  30-day subscription.




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