[Equest-users] Where does equest read files from?

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Hi Dwight:
If you are in the Design Development Wizard (DD Wizard), and you change the .INP file (that which eQuest reads from), and you reopen your project in the DD Wizard again, all of your changes will be lost. Make a copy of your files and leave them in DD Wizard mode. THEN, convert your original file to DETAIL EDIT mode. You are now out of the Wizard and into the "deep end" mode (no side of the pool to hang onto). NOW, you can make any changes you want to the .INP file and run in the Detail Edit Mode, and you shou.old see new results.
If things screw up, you ALWAYS have that DD Wizard version to go back to, even if to make another copy, convert to Detail Edit and "try, try again."

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I’m new to the Detailed Design wizard and I am wondering what files EQUEST reads inputs from when it starts up.  I have been playing around with my model trying to get a few things to work.  It is my understanding that I can go into the BDL file or the INP and modify they and the changes will show up when I open up the file in EQUEST.  To this point nothing I have changed has been reflected.  Is my perspective on this modeling technique wrong?
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