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Jason Kirchhoff jason.p.kirchhoff at gmail.com
Mon Jul 1 17:05:46 PDT 2013

Hi Eleni,

Exhaust in eQuest is generally modeled at the zone level. Double click the
zone that has an exhaust fan, then click the "Outdoor Air" tab. On the
right you can define your exhaust parameters and a range of control
options. The help file is pretty thorough here for explaining what the
program will do. Keep in mind if your exhaust air is supplied by the
system, the exhaust fan will only operate when the system for that zone is

The supply air reset is at the system level. Choose your system and click
on the "Cooling" tab. The reset parameters are on the right. For a 90.1
model, I choose "warmest" for control and set the maximum reset temp to
60F, though anyone please chime in if that's not how you interpret the

And based on the time stamp of your email, the last bit of advice would be
don't work too hard on Saturdays :)

*Jason Kirchhoff*
Technical Director
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