[Equest-users] Boiler HIR and Section G3.1.1

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Dear All,

I have following doubts, I would be very grateful for your valuable time,

1. We have modeled a boiler with 82% *combustion efficiency* in eQUEST with
HIR = 1.219  which is just the inverse of boiler efficiency . But from LEED
reviewer, we got comment saying that, HIR of 1.219 is equivalent to 77%
efficiency. Could you please let us know, how to convert combustion
efficiency to HIR

2. We have two buildings, one is Main Office building (7 day week, 8hr
running and Air-Conditioned, Main Office building has 5 to 7% of total two
building areas) and the other is Factory+Office building (7 day week,
Factory is 24 hr running and Air-Conditioned with 100% of occupancy,
lighting and equipment on all the time. While the Factory's Office is 24hr
running and Air-Conditioned with 50% of occupancy, lighting and equipment
on all the time) which are connected by enclosed bridge (air conditioned).
These buildings are modeled together in eQUEST and it comes to be System 7
(Boiler for heating) as per Table G 3.1.1. After reading it for many number
of times and to confirm my understanding of the section, doubts are as
follows on ASHRAE Appendix G Section G3.1.1

                - What should be the system type for Main Office building
(Conditioned area is around 45000 Sq ft)? and let me know the exception of
G3.1.1 if any gets applied
                - What should be the system type for factory's Ground
Floor Office building? (Area is around 150000 Sq ft) and Does the exception
"Schedules that differ by 40 *equivalent *full load hours" gets applied?
since the diversity is 50% for factory's office, if this exception is not
applicable, let me know how the equivalent full load hours need to be
calculated )
                - What should be the system type for Factory's First
Floor office building? (This floor is total office, and ground floor
factory area is of double height from ground)
                - Does the exceptions of Section G 3.1.1 applies at
building level or at each system level? Exception "b" says both the things,
so there is confusion
                - Does the term "Peak thermal loads" in exception "b"
consider the load added due to outside air as well?

Let me know, if you need any further clarification to resolve my doubts.

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