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Hi Santiago,

There are at least a few approaches to achieve "inter-floor" zones for such a typical case as a stairwell, and you've described one of a few viable approaches.  If you perfectly sync the vectors of all 3 shells, in the end the wizards will hopefully recognize and assign adiabatic surfaces between the stairwell and the adjacent walls of the 1st and 2nd floors.  From here, you would only need to manually switch one or more to non-adiabatic wall types in detailed mode, to your choosing.

If you can use a repeating zone pattern for both floors (i.e. a single, multistory shell), you can also go into zone details at the 2nd shell screen graphic, tick the box to make that zone a "multi-level space," and define the full floor to floor height as conditioned to end up with a single tall zone between the floors.

Finally, you can do 2 distinct shells/layers: one per floor, then in detailed mode take extra steps to either have the upper/lower stairwell zones either tie to each other thermally, or alternatively delete one and expand the other to fill the void.



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Hello, I am a beginner in equest, I started drawing the footprint building but some errors occurred because I did not get the  3d form.

 I have to draw a hospital two-story building, the plans indicate that the stairs on the ground floor is separated from the rest of the building (only connected on the top floor)....should i first draw the ground floor without stairs? then should draw the stairs creating another building envelope in the same level (in the ground floor) to draw the stairs? and finally create another building envelope for the top floor?

any advice or help is welcome


link dropbox with the open studio model: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/kzzh4uo5zt155u6/gzJwD1jbd_

Hola, soy principiante en equest, empece dibujando la planta del edificio pero ocurrieron algunos errores porque no resulto la forma tridimensional correcta.

Tengo que dibujar un hospital de dos pisos, segun planos la caja de la escalera esta separada del edificio en la planta baja (solo se une al cuerpo del edificio en planta alta)...deberia primero dibujar la planta baja sin la caja de la escalera (porque equest no me deja opcion), luego deberia dibujar la caja de la escalera creando una nueva envolvente  (create building envelope) al mismo nivel (en planta baja)? y finalmente crear otra envolvente para el segundo nivel?

* en caso de estar equivocado me podrian decir el orden en que se debe dibujar cada planta

cualquier consejo o ayuda es bienvenida


dibujo del edificio: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/kzzh4uo5zt155u6/gzJwD1jbd_

Santiago (Arg)

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