[Equest-users] [Bldg-sim] Help with understanding different Baseline Systems and efficiency of one over the other

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In case you haven't done this already, the first thing I would do is take a
look at the 'Definitions' chapter in 90.1 for short descriptions of the


Trane publishes educational material which explains the different system
types clearly and with a fair amount of detail.  The material is purely
educational.there is no sales pitch attached, which is refreshing.  You can
purchase a number of booklets on various topics.  The booklet most relevant
to your needs right now would probably be the "Introduction to HVAC Systems"
booklet, which is part of the Air Conditioning Clinic set.  Here is a link
to all of the booklets:




I hope this helps,



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Hello All,


I am an Architect by training with my masters in Sustainable Buildings. I
have been doing energy simulations for the past 2 years. During this
progression of doing energy simulations, I have tried to acquire as much
knowledge as possible with respect to Building thermodynamics,
psychometrics, HVAC, ASHRAE etc. However, I still need to enhance my quest
for this knowledge far beyond. 


I have struggled quite a bit to understand difference between different
baseline systems in ASHRAE 90.1 Appedix G. ASHRAE do mentions what each
system is, however doesn't explain its working. I wanted to know if there is
any material which explains these systems in details and importantly why and
how one system is efficient over the other. 


I would be grateful if someone can share some info on the same.


Thanks in advance.



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