[Equest-users] Aparments on eQuest.

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Look hard at the plans to build an understand of exactly how many unique apartment/floor configurations there are.  Consider the "same" configuration with different exterior exposures unique (i.e an apartment "C" with a single North wall is different than the same one with a South wall or one with two exposures).

>From there, you'll be able to determine how far you can go with zone/floor/system multipliers before you are making compromises in accuracy.  The degree of acceptable accuracy compromise for the sake of a simpler model is ultimately yours to make.

In my experience, floor/zone/system multipliers can sometimes result in more effort than time saved for models requiring detailed documentation (i.e. LEED), as there are extra efforts required at the end to document/explain the cumulative capacities and characteristics of multiplied systems.  For such models I tend to only leverage multipliers where I have concerns regarding overall model size.

A 13 story building could easily fall within that area of concern, for what it's worth ;).


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Hello All

I have a hard problem, I have to model some apartments, the issue is that this building is like Tetris game, it has 33 apartments some of them has the entrance in 1ts floor and others in second floor, it's like a mirror. How can you start with  footprint?  Is it convenient to  model room by room in each floor,  no matter the apartment number and level it is?

It is  attached some drawings of plans of this building, it is 13 levels apartment building.

Thanks in advance.

Juan Carlos López
Ing. De Modelaje Energético
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