[Equest-users] eQuest - Day Type Mis-Match

Melissa Crowe MCrowe at engsolutions.com
Thu Feb 27 14:43:09 PST 2014

Good Afternoon I am confounded

Not sure what I'm doing wrong (or is eQuest really the villain this time) .

The day type in column "D" of the Hourly report block does not match the actual calendar day type.  Day type in column "D"  NOT = actual day type, however the day of week is reported correctly in the hourly Global Report Variable # 43.  I am using AMY data for 2013 and have the "Simulation Options" run period  set to run 2013.  This is so that I can calibrate results to billing data.

In other words this is what I am seeing:

*         January 1, 2013 actually was a Tuesday = Day of Week 3.

o   Column "D"  Day Type = 8  (a  holiday )

o   Var 43 (Day of Week) = 3

*         January 2, 2013 a Wednesday

o   Column "D"  Day Type = 3

o   Var 43 (Day of Week) = 4

>From looking at the hourly report it seems that the # in column "D" is used by Day Schedules.  I am looking at systems that are reported (SS-J) as having peak cooling on July 7, a Sunday when the fans are off (as reported in the hourly report).   Since column "D" is one day behind calendar and the peak (SS-J) was early morning (cool down)  it probably was  a Monday.......  Ugh!    I've never submerged my brain in DOE2 code and hope it is not needed now.  Where is the # in  Colum "D" generated?

Can anyone help?



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