[Equest-users] Plenum floor and height co-ordinates

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Hello sir:
I am confused by your question. if, say,X \ Y coordinates are defined as (0,0), (10,0), (10,10), and (0,10) and a ceiling of 10 ft high and floor to floor of 15, equest will define ceiling coordinates of (0,0,10), (10,0,10),etc, with a plenum height of 5 feet.Plenum wall will have lower left corner at wall coordinate Z = 0.

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In eQuest under geometry listing perimeter and core plenum spaces co-ordinates are only defined not the core/perimeter plenum floor and ceilings co-ordinates.How can the above be determined? How are the vertices defined for the ceiling and floors, i mean for example; vertices for ceiling (with some z co-ordinate of course) are lets say defined counterclockwise 1234 and for floor clockwise 1432?

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