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These are two separate issues:

1) what is the format of the columns for use by the program - EPW file type defines this as a text file that EnergyPlus can import, eQUEST uses a binary file, NREL TMY2 uses text, etc. Certain headers or data fields might or might not be included in different file types.

2) how the data was chosen to be included - this selection depends on the algorithm such as using typical meteorological year, actual data from one continuous period, etc.

Hopefully the file name might include a description of #2 - what's included, while the file extension *.epw, *.bin, *.TMY will tell you what format it is.

You might need the context of where the file came from to verify #2 if the file name itself isn't descriptive.

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Recently I happen to compare two EPW weather files - one from USA and another from India.
In the Indian weather file, they have only included the readings for only the year 1990 where as in the weather file from San Francisco has multiple years' entry.
I am very confused and wondering if in India, people do use the proper weather files!!? Can I ask you guys' insight on this, please? What is the norms and regulations for making the weather files? Does it have to have 15 or 20 years of weather data in an weather file?


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