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DOE2.2 is set up to use a perimeter input method to explicitly model perimeter heat loss, but I don't believe eQuest has had this implemented yet, so it still uses the U-effective method for underground surfaces.  For some background reading, the 2002 Winkelman paper on heat transfer through underground surfaces has a method for calculating the U-effective or for calculating the U value of the "insulating layer" in a DOE2.2 underground surface construction.


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In the past I've done a custom calculation for SOG assemblies. Essentially I look up the appropriate F-factor for the slab condition, multiply by the perimeter to get F*P heat loss in BTUH/Hr/° F . Then I back calculated appropriate U-values for each floor section so that the UA calculation comes out to the same heat loss. I concentrated the heat loss in the perimeter zones, since the SOG F factors are based on the principle that most of the heat loss occurs at the perimeter of the slab.

Attached is an example. In this case I had portions that were heated SOG, unheated SOG, and some exposed slab-edge (not at grade), so it was pretty complex to makes sure assigned U-values for each assembly worked out to match what the F- and U-factor parameters should be.  Hopefully the color coding helps you sort through it.

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In eQUEST, when I select insulation under a slab for a basement, the Construction El1 UFLyrs(B.W1.U2) doesn't seem to recognize the default  horizontal R-10 insulation; for 2 or 4 foot selections.  In other words, the Construction layers do not change from an un-insulated slab in a basement......4 inch HW Concrete slab, 12 inch damp light soil, and a "dummy" value showing an R-Value of 100.   Any tips or explanations are appreciated.


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