[Hap-users] F-values in HAP v4.2

Kim Kido kimk at notkinhi.com
Fri May 2 13:13:42 PDT 2008

Hello World!

We are working on a LEED project. Our project must comply with ASHRAE 90.1. One of the requirements of 90.1 is that slab-on-grade floors have an F-value of 0.73. I am modeling the baseline and proposed buildings in HAP v4.2. When I click on a defined space ("space properties" box comes up) with a slab-floor-on-grade floor type and go to the "floors" tab, I am asked to input floor area, total floor u-value, exposed perimeter, and edge insulation r-value. I am pretty sure the first two are required inputs.

1. There is no U-value requirement in 90.1 that I see for baseline case. Would I just use the proposed design U-value then? 
2. Where/how do I input the F-value? Is the F-value somehow related to the edge insulation R-value?

Thank you in advance.

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