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Thank you for your inputs.


I did change the supply air temp and zone cfm etc using the user defined
values and got the confirmation for 1 of 1. But wonder why the software
does not hit the target thermostat rather it says 0 of 1 okay!! Maybe I
am missing some inputs or this is the case will everybody? And we adjust
the points by user defined values?







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How much I understand from your sanpshot and questions, is that you just
one zone and you are supplying 58 F air to it from the air handler. 

>From the limited information I can see here, you might be able to check
the following:

1) Supply air temperature to the zone. This may be the reason why you
have unmet load hour.

2) Check your themostat set points and throttling range.

3) See the system simulation results (unmet load report) to see that
your units is undersized.


let me know if this works, or if it doesnt, would need more information.

On Mon, Mar 28, 2011 at 10:05 AM, Ananth K <ananth.k at pace-kuwait.com>

Error! Filename not specified.


1.       Why the zone T-stat check says 0 of 1 OK, can't the software
fix this by itself?

2.       When I change the thermostat unoccupied to 85 deg F then this
deviation increases to 8.5 deg F!!

3.       The throttling range is 0.1 deg F.

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