[Hap-users] Need help with Space Load Summary

Matthew Scott MScott at nefisher.com
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Even if you don't want to heat the space, it's still going to have a
heat loss if there is a colder space below, above, or next door. I'm
guessing your space is over a cooler space that isn't heated or at least
not heated as warm as your space of interest. So naturally you would
have a heat loss, but get a cooling credit.


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Please see attached. From the space load summary page, why is load being
generated for roof, window, wall and floor transmission on the design
heating column when central heating option had already been unchecked at
the "system components tab". Infact no load is generated for floor
transmission on the design cooling column. Considering the system is
selected for just cooling, Please how do i stop getting loads on the
design heating column.



Jenyo B.O.

Design Engineer

Unecon Associates

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