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Wow, that's kind of alarming to hear. I always assumed the U-value was
more important. I approximate the framing effect by first inputting the
ASHRAE 90.1 assembly for a given wall/roof type, then reduce the R-value
of the insulation (not the other values) until the U-value matches the
value listed in Table A3.3 for the given amount of continuous
insulation. Then I would add in the additional layers of construction
(like brick veneer, block, etc..) that are in the actual design but not
part of the basic ASHRAE tabulated assemblies. 


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The Wall Properties Input Screen calculates the overall R and U values
for a sandwich assembly however it doesn't have any way to factor in the
"framing effect" of wall studs which can have a significant effect  on
average wall assembly R and U values.


When I queried Carrier, part of Craig's reply was for cooling design
loads and energy modeling, "...U-value is not important, what is
important is making sure the specific heat, density and weight of the
composite insulation/stud layer is correct. Those values are used in the
TFM equations not U-value." 


Since this isn't as simple as inputting an overall U-Value from ASHRAE,
Has anyone come up with a way to effectively model steel stud framing
that would pass a DOE review?




Thank you,


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