[Simergy-users] Gas Unit Heater Zone HVAC Group Issue

Trevor Jaffe tjaffe at WRLdesign.com
Tue Sep 1 11:45:01 PDT 2015

Simergy list serve users,

I am having issues with a zone gas fired unit heater and DOAS/exhaust system.  The problem is that the gas fired zone unit heater seems to be requiring some sort of loop.  The error shown when validating the air loop is as follows:

"Component (UHW-1) does not have a cross loop reference assigned.  Assign cross loop reference to this component."

My process for creating this system was as follows:

1.       I created the zone HVAC group as a gas unit heater with a temperature controller, temperature sensor, and uncontrolled single duct air inlet.  I built this template from scratch.

2.       I assigned my thermal zone to this zone HVAC group.

3.       I created the air loop.  I built this template from the out of the box CAV_dxC_gasH and removed the DX cooling coil.

4.       I assigned my thermal zone to this air loop.

When I complete step 4, the gas heater in my zone changes to hot water.  When I check back to my zone HVAC group, the unit heater shows as gas like before.  Clicking back on the air loop again reveals the unit heater magically restored to gas.  But I'm thinking some remnant of the hot water unit heater requirements remain and are causing the error shown above.

I have outlined a couple issues here and I'd like to understand what is going on, but my foremost concern is to get the air loop validated with no errors.

Thanks in advance for you help!
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