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Josh Goffin joshuag at enertiaenergy.com
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Good afternoon all,


I am wondering if anyone has found a good way to model condensing boilers with Trace.  From discussions with Trane staff it appears that a new curve could be produced, although I did not receive much guidance from them.  


I think one way to do it would be to create multiple boiler plants, the multiple boilers provide a way to do a sort of hot water reset temperature based on OSA.  


My thought is that I can create a linear hot water supply water reset based on OSA temperature (using appendix G requirements) from 120°F @ 50°F to 180°F @ 20°F, with each boiler based on a 10°F OSA increment.  From these temperature setpoints I would assume that the;


 Heating Hot Water return temp = Heating Supply - 20°F (Temp rise from Aerco curve) 


I would then be able input the corresponding efficiency at that point for the boiler.


Has anyone had any experience with this?  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks and have a great day,





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