[Trace-users] help with energy model

Jimmy Stevens jstevens at hewv.com
Fri Oct 30 12:09:49 PDT 2009

I have a trace 700 energy model I'm working on and I'm fairly new to the software in this capacity. I need someone's help this weekend to get the model running correctly. I would like to do it with a GoToMeeting. I can pay you $150/hr if you have the time. Here is a little about the model.

LEED 2.2
University Dormitory
76,000 sf
District Steam and chilled water
Dedicated outside air units with heat pipes
Constant volume fan coil units
Occupancy sensors that turn off lights and set back fan coil units
The model is all input, but I'm not getting the results I would expect and need help trouble shooting.

I have three alternative in my model, the base model, the cost neutral base model and the proposed model.

Please email or call if you have the experience in LEED energy modeling and are available.  Thanks.

Jimmy Stevens,
jstevens at hewv.com

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