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I am under the assumption that you shall use the 32,000 cfm in the calculation and the equation accounts for all other fan energy.  In other words, inputting the 32,000 cfm accounts for the power of the supply fan, return fan, and exhaust fan.

Keep in mind that the 32,000 cfm should have been calculated based on a 20 degree temp difference.  Verify that you have modeled that correctly.  

Please re-post and let me know if you agree and what you have concluded.


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   1. Appendix G Fan Energy (Snarski, Marty)


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Hello, all.

I'm running an energy model (for LEED), and am having a particular
problem with the Fan Energy results.  I am using the actual fan
horsepower (for the supply and for the return fans) for the proposed
building, and the Appendix G equation in G3.1.2.9.  The results I'm
getting for the proposed design are considerably higher (about 31%) than
the baseline building.  This leads me to believe that I may be
misinterpreting the equation.

As stated in the 90.1 Users manual, the equation accounts for supply,
return, relief, and exhaust fans.  However, I've been simply inputting
the Supply CFM into the equation.  Given that it accounts for all fans,
should I use the accumulated CFMs for each of those fans (i.e. if I'm
supplying 32,000, and returning 24,000, should I use 56,000 cfm)?

While I understand TRACE has the automatic baseline fan sizing
capability, I'm not sure I trust it completely, and would like to know
where the calculation comes from.

Thanks for any help you can offer!

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