[Trace-users] Unmet Load Hours and Baseline Outside Air

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I am having problems with unmet load hours while modeling a school in Trace. I have checked all my error messages and gone through the reducing unmet load hours paper from Trace. I am modeling a VRV system, so each classroom has its own fan coil unit in the room and there are dedicated outside air units. There are also small server rooms with their own fan coil units. Those 2 types of rooms, classrooms and server rooms, seem to have the highest unmet load hours. Does anyone have any suggestions on reducing these unmet load hours?

Also, our dedicated outside air units for the school will be controlled more with a timer than CO2 sensors. So the ventilation is scheduled from 8-3 for classroom occupancy and offices from 7-5. I have all fans at available 100% though. For the baseline, I have just put all outside air on from 7-5. I am uncertain if this is the correct way to do the outside air for the baseline. Does anyone have suggestions or can anyone point me to the section in 90.1? Thanks for any help you can give me!


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