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1. advanced options (optimum start schedule) . It is recommended to choose
100% schedule in energy model.
2. check tab TEMP/Humidity. I always keep them blank for proposed design.
3. check your zones and schedules.
Check videos here. May be they will help you too


> Today's Topics:
>   1. Unmet Load Hours and Baseline Outside Air (Jason Boehning)
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> From: Jason Boehning <Jason.Boehning at ricegardner.com>
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> Subject: [Trace-users] Unmet Load Hours and Baseline Outside Air
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> All,
> I am having problems with unmet load hours while modeling a school in
> Trace. I have checked all my error messages and gone through the reducing
> unmet load hours paper from Trace. I am modeling a VRV system, so each
> classroom has its own fan coil unit in the room and there are dedicated
> outside air units. There are also small server rooms with their own fan coil
> units. Those 2 types of rooms, classrooms and server rooms, seem to have the
> highest unmet load hours. Does anyone have any suggestions on reducing these
> unmet load hours?
> Also, our dedicated outside air units for the school will be controlled
> more with a timer than CO2 sensors. So the ventilation is scheduled from 8-3
> for classroom occupancy and offices from 7-5. I have all fans at available
> 100% though. For the baseline, I have just put all outside air on from 7-5.
> I am uncertain if this is the correct way to do the outside air for the
> baseline. Does anyone have suggestions or can anyone point me to the section
> in 90.1? Thanks for any help you can give me!
> Regards,
> Jason Boehning
> Engineer in Training/Designer
> [cid:image001.gif at 01CB95E9.2045B930]
> 6161 Savoy, Suite 1212
> Houston, Texas  77036
> t..."
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