[Trace-users] Economic Comparison with ERV's

Jason Boehning Jason.Boehning at ricegardner.com
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I am trying to use Trace to run some initial energy savings calculations. I have a very large school campus, about 460,000 square feet. There is over 100,000 cfm of outside air. Right now the plant is coming on at 4am and running until about 6pm. I am trying to show that if we add some type of energy recovery system to the outside air, we can take the load down on the OA and control it better. I am not getting very good numbers out of Trace. For example, I just changed the OA schedule on the airflows tab from 100% 4am - 6pm to 100% 8am - 3pm and I only got $5000 savings per year. I realize that there is still a lot of outside air intake in the hot parts of the day, but even adding an energy recovery wheel does not help as much as we think it should. Anyone else had similar problems?


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