[Trace-users] Using Trace and GSHPCalc V5.0

Page, Grant B Grant.Page at masonandhanger.com
Mon May 3 04:26:22 PDT 2010

If you can import GbXml into GshpCalc, it's an undocumented feature from
as near as I can tell. 

I'm still looking for suggestions on the following:

My question more generally: I'd like to get data out of Trace on a
particular zone design heating and cooling load at specific times of the
day. One way I see I can do that is to goto the "Calcuate" tab, "Change
Load Parameters" and then change the peak hour to 1-24, run the load
simulation, log the data in excel, rinse, repeat for all 24 hours and
then sort data in excel. 

Thanks for the help.


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I am told that GshpCalc can import GbXml files.  If so, then Trace can
export a GbXml file and you should be able to get your model in that


Caleb B. 



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