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Search the help file in Trace with regards to GSHPCalc.  There is a .csv file that Trace generates ("file name".GL4.csv) located in the same directory as the .TRC that has the information you are looking for.  This .csv file can be imported by GSHPCalc. Use with caution - make sure your load file is accurate; otherwise your GSHPCalc sizing will be incorrect.

Hope this answers your question.  

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   1. Re: Using Trace and GSHPCalc V5.0 (Page, Grant B)


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If you can import GbXml into GshpCalc, it's an undocumented feature from
as near as I can tell. 

I'm still looking for suggestions on the following:

My question more generally: I'd like to get data out of Trace on a
particular zone design heating and cooling load at specific times of the
day. One way I see I can do that is to goto the "Calcuate" tab, "Change
Load Parameters" and then change the peak hour to 1-24, run the load
simulation, log the data in excel, rinse, repeat for all 24 hours and
then sort data in excel. 

Thanks for the help.


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Subject: Re: [Trace-users] Using Trace and GSHPCalc V5.0
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I am told that GshpCalc can import GbXml files.  If so, then Trace can
export a GbXml file and you should be able to get your model in that


Caleb B. 




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