[Trace-users] DCV in Trace...possible solution?

msnarski at shwgroup.com msnarski at shwgroup.com
Wed Nov 17 08:35:14 PST 2010



I know this has been discussed, but I just wanted to get some input on
an idea for Demand Control Ventilation in TRACE.  Many of us know that
there is a process to follow in the Systems - Advanced Options tab, etc,
for modeling it.  However, I've always been a  bit fuzzy on how this
would work.  From my understanding, DCV basically saves energy that we
cannot account for (due to unknown or uneven occupancies), and therefore
cannot model. 


Could this be modeled as having a Ventilation Schedule of 100% for any
occupied time (regardless of occupancy amount), and a Ventilation
Schedule that varies based on an estimated occupancy?


Assuming that DCV is NOT required in the baseline, would this be a
feasible idea?


Any thoughts?




Martin Snarski   LEED(r) AP BD+C 
Mechanical Engineer 


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