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Yeah, the forums are looking okay. I saw your post. Good to know there are experienced users out there. I am learning so I can't offer much. Watched the video? Do you mean videos? If you go to energy-models.com/video, there are a bunch of videos, some long some short. The link to the videos isn't very obvious, but it is on the front page.

Someone just posted a really cool topic on the trace forum about possibly working together to figure out a way to import the new LEED reports. I'm sure there are some brains out there reading this list who could give it a go.

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I received an email from the below referenced site yesterday. I am
monitoring the site periodically to see where it's going. It appears a
lot of stuff to purchase. It will be nice if the forums become popular
and active. The Traceusers on the Onebuilding.org site does not get much
action. Have you watched the video yet?


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If you are not aware of a new TRACE 700 online training, there is one at
energy-models.com. I just signed up for it, and I like it, but I am
hoping to get a study group going on the forum there. It would be great
to get a big group going.

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