[Trace-users] Heat Pump Auxiliary Heat (UNCLASSIFIED)

Thomas Beal tbeal at dulohery.com
Mon Sep 10 06:46:22 PDT 2012

John, the best way the show this is to:

1.        Click on the Libraries tab at the top

2.       Under the drop down menu, select Equipment - Cooling

3.       Under cooling category, select Air cooled unitary

4.       Select the appropriate baseline equipment

5.       Click on the options tab 

6.       On the right, in the Condenser Temp. section, there's the
minimum operating temperature 

7.       While on that screen, hit F1 key and click on the minimum
operating section.

8.       I would print both the equipment  information screen from step
6 and the help section explaining the operation.


Hope this helps.




Thomas A. Beal, P.E., LEED(r) AP, CxA


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