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Hi John,

I wasn't able to make any changes to the model to correct the difference 
in fan power. However, I noticed a couple of things.

The Baseline Case "Pretend" doesn't include any pressure drop adjustments 
from Table This will help increase the baseline fan power. 
Note that credit for heat recovery devices may not be taken unless it is 
required in the Baseline Case system (see note under Table G3.1.2.9).
The Proposed Case "Actual" fan power seems high. See attached pdf for a 
range of BHPs for a sample TRANE AHU at 3,000 cfm. They range from 0.88 to 
3.08 depending on the system total static pressure. The system in the 
model has a nominal HP of 10 which is being modeled as 7.46 kW.

Hope that helps,
Alex Chapin

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I need a little help.  The fan energy usage of the Actual/Purposed 
building is 4.5X more than the Pretend building.

I've looked and looked and looked for something that is causing such a 
huge difference.

One thing I tried that really confused me was to set the system for the 
pretend building as 'same as Alternate 1' and the pretend building fan 
energy usage went up....  So then I went tab-by-tab and matched 
Alternative 1 to the setting that the Pretend building was using and the 
fan energy for Alternate 1 was still over 2 times the Pretend building.


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