[Trace-users] Question about how Trace calculates the Latent Ventilation Load‏.

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Can you include your room checksums report? That is the first place you should resort to when analyzing the load on a given space. It will break down your peak cooling loads on a sensible and latent basis.

My initial suggestions would be to see what you have entered for loads from occupants and the total number of occupants in the space. Additionally do you have the correct weather location referenced? If you’re brining in  roughly 1,200 CFM of OA, I would look at your design conditions for the location you have specified.

TRACE will give the results solely from the information you enter. You will need to dig into your user entered information. Without seeing the checksums or the file itself I cannot give you an answer to why your loads are coming out greater.

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I have an area of 5167 Sq-Ft which I'm giving 1176 fresh air CFM. I have this modeled on HAP, Elite and Trace.

HAP and Elite give me an estimated sensible load of around 35951 btu/hr and latent load of 53271 btu/hr both of which match my hand calculations perfectly. Trace, however, gives me a sensible load of around 34095 btu/hr which is okay but a latent load of 73018 btu/hr.

Why does Trace give me such a higher latent load? What am I missing?

Thanks in advance.
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