[TRNSYS-users] Type 15 with high latitude

Matt Duffy duffy at tess-inc.com
Fri Nov 2 11:42:51 PDT 2012


Dear Laurent Georges, 

This should not be an issue now with the
latest version, 17.01.0025. Please make sure that you are using this
version, and if you continue to have problems, please send me the *.tpf.

Thank you, 

Matt Duffy 

On 2012-11-01 05:59, Laurent Georges wrote:

> Dear TRNSYS users, 
> When using the Type15 to read the Meteonorm
weather file of a location at high latitude (e.g. Tromsø in Norway), the
simulation stops with the following error in middle of the summer period
: "An _simulation time step is greater than the data time step for the
radiation calculation. The simulation time step needs to be reduced._"
This error only occurs if the simulation time step is taken lower than
1h, and the reduction of the time step does not prevent the simulation
to crash. Does someone has an experience with that? Is there a way to
fix the problem? I am using TRNSYS 17. 
> In advance, thank you, 

> Best regards, 
> Laurent Georges
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