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   with Type60, you have to specify three of the four flow rates. In 
your case, you need to connect the collector loop pump outlet flow rate 
to both tank inlet 2 and tank outlet 2. You correctly connected the load 
flow to tank inlet 1. If that is what you've done and the results don't 
make sense, please send the input file.

   Incidentally, in your case of matched flows and no heat exchanger, 
there isn't any real need to use Type60; Type4 is a bit more intuitive 
and may suit your needs.

On 11/5/2012 03:09, Farah, Sleiman - farsy019 wrote:
> Dear TRNSYS users,
> I am modelling a solar collector with hot water storage tank 
> (Type60c). I connected the collector outlets to the tank inlets2, the 
> tank outlets2 to the collector inlets, and I set the tank flow rate at 
> outlet2 to "-2" (constant tank volume). On the other side of the tank, 
> I connected a load (mass flow rate) to the tank inlet1, and I expected 
> that the same mass flow rate will come out of the tank outlet1. 
> However, the flow rate at outlet1 is 0 throughout the entire 
> simulation, and the load mass flow rate connected to the tank inlet1 
> is added to the mass flow rate at outlet2 (collector side) instead of 
> outlet1.
> In equations format:
> MassFlowRateOut2 = MassFlowRateIn2 + MassFlowRateIn1
> MassFlowRateOut1 = 0
> It should be:
> MassFlowRateOut2 = MassFlowRateIn2
> MassFlowRateOut1 = MassFlowRateIn1
> Any help how to fix this is highly appreciated.
> Kind regards,
> Sleiman
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