[TRNSYS-users] how can I model floor heating and radiators

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   I would use the active layer in Type56 to model the radiant floor 
option. Type1231 is intended to model low-temperature hydronic 
heat-distributing units such as radiators, convectors, and baseboard and 
finned-tube units. There is guidance in the documentation on how to 
choose values of the parameters. While your radiator doesn't have tubes 
exactly, I would treat the vertical flow channels as pipes and use an 
approximate diameter (or more ideally, the hydraulic diameter of the 
flow channel)
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On 11/8/2012 12:08, Karol Bandurski wrote:
> Dear all,
> I would like to compare energy demand for dwelling with floor heating 
> vs. with radiators.
> So I have following issue:
> 1)FLOOR/RADIANT HEATING: what is the best (easy and accurate) way to 
> model this installation (in context of my goal), which solution is better:
> a.Active Layer in TRNBuild,
> b.Type 1231,
> c. Other type...
> 2)RADIATORS: I would like to use type 1231 to simulate radiators  - it 
> is good way? The problem is that construction of my radiators is as 
> you can see in attachments.
> How to find required values to define model of radiators? e.g. What is 
> 'Inside diameter of the pipe in the unit' if in my radiators there is 
> no pipe inside, they are only connected to pipe... (attachments)
> I will be grateful for any trick and hints!
> Regards!
> Karol
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