[TRNSYS-users] version 16 - TRNBuild - QTSPAS ntype74

Patricia EVRARD [530281] Patricia.EVRARD at umons.ac.be
Wed Nov 28 01:23:22 PST 2012

Dear users,

I am using TRNSYS version 16 for buildings.
I compare the QTSPAS output of TRNBuild for the building when I change the double-glazing window type.
"ntype74 QTSPAS total solar radiation passing (trans+abs) the glass surface of external windows of zone"

The 2 window types compared have the same g value (1% difference) and the same area frame/window proportion.
They differ strongly by their Ug values
I found that the QTPAS values related to the windows are different: ~3% .
I wonder why, having the same g values, the solar radiation passing (trans+abs) the glass surface are different.
I did not find in manuals the QTSPAS output calculation procedure.

Can you give me more information?

Thanks a lot.
Patricia Evrard

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