[TRNSYS-users] question on using TRNSYS

Fariborz Kargar fkarg001 at ucr.edu
Tue Apr 9 04:52:53 PDT 2013


I would like to investigate the weather and radiation conditions of
 Seville, Spain. Therefore, I used Type109-TMY2. I used txt files as an
input. I plotted the beam and diffused radiation on a horizontal surface
for Dec 21st (Time from 8496-8520). Surprisingly, the maximum flux occurred
on simulation time equal to 8510. I could not figure it out since I am sure
that the maximum irradiation should occur at solar noon (about 11:37 local
time). Also, I do not know know whether in TRNSYS the daylight saving has
been taken into account or not. May I ask you to advise me on this issue? I
attached the curves provided by TRNSYS.

Fariborz Kargar
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