[TRNSYS-users] Floating point error with Type 155 (Matlab) and Online Plotter

mcdowell at tess-inc.com mcdowell at tess-inc.com
Thu Apr 11 11:21:41 PDT 2013

Thomas -

This can be caused by a type returning a NAN as an output. Trying 
turning Debug mode to true in the simulation control cards and see if 
you get more explanation in the *.lst file.



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On 2013-04-11 04:50, Thomas Krummrein wrote:
> Hi Everybody,
> I use TRNSYS 16 and I have recomiled it with the Intel Visual Fortran
> compiler. If I use the Type 155 (Calling Matlab) everything works 
> fine
> as long as I do not use the Online Plotter (Type 65). If I use the
> Online plotter, I get the error message "Invalid floating point
> operation." at the very beginning of the simulation and TRNSYS 
> aborts.
> This happens always, it is not needed, that the Online plotter is
> connected to anything (One Exception: If the Parameters "Nb. of
> left-axis variables" and "Nb. of right-axis variables" are both 0,
> than everything works. But I think that then the online plotter is
> ignored).
> Has anyone an idea, what I can do against this error or why Type 155
> and the online plotter are not compatible with each other?
> I have figured out that the calculation way to the error is the
> following, maybe this helps: Type 65 is called with info(7)=-2 and
> then with info(7)=-1 without problems, the same is done with type 
> 155.
> Calling Type 65 with info(7)=0 (first "normal" calculation) is OK,
> too. This call is done by the TRNExe.exe (which I can't debug), via
> the Subroutine TRNSYS (trnsys.for) and some other subroutines. After
> this call of type 65 with info(7)=0 the program goes back to
> TRNExe.exe without problems. In the next call of the Subfunction
> TRNSYS nothing happens, because it goes more or less directly to a
> "return", so that the program goes back tot TRNExe. This 
> "return"-Line
> has the comment "If this is the first time the DLL is called with
> ICALL=1, return immediately so that the EXE can plot the initial
> conditions calculated during the ICALL=0 call" and is located in
> trnsys.for, line 544. After this "return" the error appears (This
> means the program should be somewhere in TRNExe, when the error is
> produced).
> Thanks for any help
> Tobias Mayer
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