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Hello everyone,
I'm studying natural ventilation in school buildings. I already work on TRNSYS so I would like to use the TRNFLOW plug-in.
Is anybody got a tutorial or something like that ? It would be very kind.

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Honestly  firstly it should be stated that natural ventilation is so complex phenomena that simulation of this issue is very difficult - there is a lot of uncertainty (e.g. wind Cp value)

Using Type 56 (TRNBuild) you can only define natural ventilation (infiltration, ventilation mode, coupling flow of walls).

To simulate natural ventilation accurately you should try to use CFD software (Fluent/ANSYS, OpenFOAM-HVACTool, OpenFOAM-Helyx), there is possibility to coupling this softs with TRNSYS e.g. type 101.

You can try to simulate it in more coarse way using airflow network method/software - e.g. Contam, ESP-r or commercial TRNBuild plug-in: TRNFLOW.
There is possibility to coupling Contam or ESP-r model with TRNBuild - see type 97 and 130.

Contam is free airflow and contaminant distribution simulation software, ESP-r is free building performance (both thermal and airflow) simulation software.

Good luck,

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how to model a naturel ventilation in a multizone building

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