[TRNSYS-users] V17 Type15 - TRY 2010 Germany

Margarethe Korolkow margarethe.korolkow at ibus-berlin.de
Tue Apr 23 00:34:07 PDT 2013

Dear users,


I’m simulating using the Type15-7 as weather data reader in the mode 9 for
the German TRY 2010 (Potsdam). When I checked the .dat-file of the test
reference year and the output 1 of Type 15, I noticed, that the temperatures
are different. I thought ambient temperature and dry bulb temperature were
supposed to be the same.  Apparently the Type15 is changing the ambient
temperature from the .dat-file, but I don’t know why or how. Does anyone
know, why it is that way?


I would appreciate any help.


Best regards



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