[TRNSYS-users] help on Type 563 PV/T collector

Avesani Stefano stefano.avesani at eurac.edu
Thu Apr 25 11:42:35 PDT 2013

Dear all,

I am dealing with simulations of building integrated PV/T and I am approaching the Type563. Here below some questions:

-      Many parameters characterizing the ST design are required (such as the geometries, materials' properties, etc) . Are there available some reference design parameters for ST different typologies (e.g. an unglazed, a single glazed flat plate ST)?

-      How would you approach the simulation of a series and parallel array using Type563 (as you need to express the collectors dimensions but there are no parameters concerning the hydraulic layout)? Could be an idea simulating an equivalent bigger collector in case of series connection and simply a multiplication of the thermal useful power in case of parallel layout?
Thanks a lot!

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