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Thanks for this tips, your PhD is helpful.


But now I would like what is TRNSYS code - which way does TRNSYS calculate
operative temperature?

Does program take into account also heat gain in the zone or only surfaces
and air temperature?




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that depends on the viewfactors. the operative temperature sensed by a
person depends on his/her location in a room.

If you check the book of Ole Fanger, you will be able to find that
explanation. A part of it, specifically applied to a radiator case is also
in my PhD.


If the 'radiating object' is close to a person and the location of the
person in the zone is thus clearly defined, his/her actual thermal sensation
will be influenced by the radiating object in case it is large enough or the
temperature is high enough.


However, the added value of a detailed calculation is limited in case the
real life scenario would be one where furniture is blocking the viewfactors
between radiating object and person.









On Fri, Nov 29, 2013 at 5:25 PM, Karol Bandurski
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Dear All,


Do you know which objects are taken into account in operative temperature


Air, walls, floor, ceiling for sure, but for example radiative heat gain
that is modeled in zone?


I will be grateful for any comments!






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