[TRNSYS-users] The smooth results suddenly are changed to "NaN"

Safizadeh Mohammadreza m.safizadeh at nus.edu.sg
Fri Dec 20 20:06:17 PST 2013

Dear all TRNYSY users,

Indeed, I am using two Types155 in series, in which the results from first one are used by next one. 

*** Problem:
Once I run the simulation for 9000 experimental input data, the simulation runs smoothly for 1370th data but suddenly it produces simulation results as NaN.

I would appreciate if you could help me what the source of problem is. :)

Best Regards,
Reza Safi

Solar Energy Research Institute of Singapore (SERIS)
National University of Singapore
7 Engineering Drive 1, Blk E3A #06-01, Singapore 117574

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