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  I would think that it would be. The TRNSYS building model can be run 
in a mode called "temperature level control" in which the zone 
temperatures are computed as a function of all the energy flows that 
impact them (solar, envelope, occupants, equipment, lighting, airflow 
exchange, HVAC equipment). The user specifies thermostat models that in 
turn command HVAC equipment models to try and keep the zone at its set 
point. Really it is an emulation of how a building actually functions. 
Many other building models compute heating and cooling loads based on 
all of the driving factors except the HVAC equipment and then impose 
that load on the HVAC equipment. The significant difference here is that 
in order to compute load, you must predefine room temperature. This sets 
the HVAC equipment and the other things that impact the building's 
temperatures on different levels.

   TRNSYS also has the ability to incorporate new user-written models 
into simulations. You could write occupant behavior models based not 
only on your survey data but also based on the current comfort criteria 
in the building such that the occupant's behavior (and the way in which 
it affects the building's HVAC equipment) could be tied into a feedback 
loop with how the HVAC equipment affects the occupants' behavior.
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On 12/23/2013 03:05, Parisa Esmaeili wrote:
> Dear respected Sir/Madam,
> My name is Parisa Esmaeili. I am doing PhD in the area of Engineering 
> and Energy, in Perth, Western Australia.
> Recently, I have started my research, main focus of which is on the 
> impact of actual occupants behavior on building energy performance in 
> residential buildings. In fact, my main interest is to develop a tool 
> which is capable of simulating building physics and actual occupants 
> behavior (through survey) at the same time and same level of importance.
> I wonder if TRNSYS would be an appropriate tool for this purpose?
> Looking forward to hear from you,
> Kind regards,
> Parisa
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