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Mathieu Lebon mathieu.lebon at ecam-rennes.com
Mon Jul 8 13:09:03 PDT 2013

Dear all,

For my project, I have to simulate the heat transfer in a swimming pool. This swimming pool is divided (horizontally and vertically) into 36 zones. Sources of heat are the lighting and the heating of the water which is 30°C. There is a ventilation in several zones which blows air at 35°C. Because I need some zones to have only one surface (which is not possible in TRNSYS), there are walls (interior wall) which are only composed of air.
When I simulate over 3 years, I obtain negative temperatures in somes zones during winter. What is not possible in a swimming pool where temperature do not generally come down below 20°C. I notice that the temperature chart of a zone follows the one of the ambient temperature of the place where is situated the swimming pool.
Do you have an idea to solve my problem or an idea of something (a parameter in TRNSYS or something like that) I forgot in my simulation ?

Best regards.

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