[TRNSYS-users] Question related to the inverter of type 194

Sotiris Papantoniou sotos.enveng at gmail.com
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Dear David and all Trnsys users,


The thank you for the information for the inverter, I have managed to find
the data for the data file. Coming back to the trnsys plug-in of type 194,
the plug-in seems to work in a mysterious way.


If I select a specific photovoltaic type from the list no data are


If I add manually some data on the plug-in, the 5 parameters are identical
to example.var's parameters.


Is there something missing from my plug-in? Am I doing something wrong?


Thank you




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  The file contains the inverter efficiency as a function of the input power
(in watts) and the input voltage (in volts). These values are typically
published by manufacturers on the inverter specification sheets. If you do
not have such a sheet then you can use the example data file and scale the
input voltage and power to the range of input voltage and power that you
need. Inverters tend to be quite efficient (around 95%) except when the
input power is below about 5 to 10% of the rated input power at which point
their efficiency drops quite a lot.
Kind regards,

On 7/18/2013 02:28, Sotiris Papantoniou wrote:

Hello Trnsys users,


I am trying to model a pv-system with inverter. I have managed to model the
photovoltaic modules using the plug-in, but now I have to model the inverter
of the system. The characteristics of the inverter are partly set in the
parameters of the type and the external file inserted by the user. Where can
I find the information which are related to this file.


Thank you 



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