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Anna Marta,

you may use Type 93  - Input value recall

The input value recall component remembers the values NI inputs for the preceding NT time steps. The values of NI and NT are set as parameters to the component. Such "input value recall" devices are useful in adding time delays to a system that is unrealistically sensitive to input changes or that suffers from control instability. By controlling based on values from a previous time step, systems will become much more robust. It is understood that in such situations, a small enough time step must be used so that the assumption of a delay in sensing the control signal is reasonable.


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Dear all,

I am dealing with the problem of integrating pre-calculated excel response factors of thermal bridges in TRNSYS. My problem is to recuperate, at each timestep, the internal and the external temperatures from type 56 of the previous 24 timesteps. I need in facts to store data somewhere and recall the 24 timestep data as inputs of the excel (I tried to use a type 62); I am not able, at the moment, to recuperate at an hour n the n-24, n-23, n-22... n-1 temperatures. Could anyone help me with this task? The second problem is: how can I change at each timestep the input of type 62? (I need to tell him to calculate a heat flux at the timestep n using the n-24, n-23, n-22... n-2, n-1 temperatures, at the timestep n+1 using the n-23, n-22, ... n-1, n temperatures and so on).
Thank you in advance for your help.

Anna Marta Frigerio

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