[TRNSYS-users] Questions about weather data type 99 and type 56

BOURDASSOL mickael mickael.bourdassol at entpe.fr
Tue Jun 4 08:56:21 PDT 2013

Dear all,

I have some questions about the  weather data user format (type 99) and about trnbuild (type 56). The purpose it’s to compare measured data in situ with simulation data.

1.                  I would like to use my weather data measured on site. I’m interested by solar radiation on tilted surface so I use type 99.
The problem is, when I  want to verify if the data like IBEAM_H, IDIFF_H, IGLOB_H given by my folder with those given in output of type 99 are the same, it’s not the case !! They are the same for IDIFF_H but not for the others. I don't really understand why ! It seems that Type 99 performs the calculation with the latitude, the longitude, solar time, etc. but if I want my own data, how can I do that? There is, between my data and  outputs, an underestimation of approximately 10%.  Furthermore, I want to use solar azimuth and zenith data provided by my folder and not by those calculated in type 99, there is a way for that?
For others data like Tamb, wind speed and direction, Relative humidity there is no problem.

2.                  In Type 56, I want to simulate the behavior of a radiator. I know that type exist for that but I have not budget for this  Can I used wallgain tab or maybe other gain in  “gains” tab to simulate that?

When I try, with similar power of a conventional radiator (1000-2000w) I have results with high temperature values. Do you have a solution for me?

Many thanks

Best regards,
Mickael B

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