[TRNSYS-users] view factor matrix calculation routine

Avesani Stefano stefano.avesani at eurac.edu
Wed Jun 5 01:55:59 PDT 2013

Hi all,

I am setting a very simple (a tetrahedral) monozone. Just 1 glazed external surface (the façade). I use detailed radiation models as I want to assess the PMV values in 2 reference comfort points: one close to the external façade and one to the internal wall.

The view factor calculation works when I specify the geometry of the comfort reference points in the "geo-info" TRNbuild window. When I add as b17 output the Ntype 120, 122, 124 and 126, the view factor calculation routine never stops and I have to kill manually the viewfactor.exe process. No vfm file is created. Moreover, I noticed the a file "Facadffr" with no extension is created in the folder at one level above.

Any idea? Is that a bug? Do I do a mistake in the settings?

Thanks a lot!

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